Harvey Half Price Blinds - An evolution of a character

I recently worked with the wonderful team at Gatecrasher Advertising, https://www.gatecrasher.com.au/ on a campaign for half Price Blinds. The brief was to develop a brand character to be rolled out on all their web, social media and advertising presence. 

He started out as being a stylised 2d concept, but the brief then changed to take him into the 3d realm. Below shows the evolution of the design process from the initial sketches through to the final 3d renders. I was very happy when the client chose to maintain the mid century stylised approach I had been going with applied to a 3d character.

All work including the 3d modelling, texturing lighting and rendering were completed by myself. It was a great project to work on and stay tuned for some more 3d content for Gatecrasher coming soon. 


Blue Nude Creative - Quantify Technology Animation Design

I recently collaborated with Blue Nude Creative on an animated corporate video for their client,  Quantify Technology. I was tasked with designing the overall visual aesthetic which was then recreated in 3D paper cut-out animation. My cartoony designs and sketches also formed the basis of the textures which were projected onto the 3D assets. Here's a few samples of the characters, environments and props, along with the final video: 


University of Western Australia - Education through Pathology

Using Pathology to Promote Health was an initiative of the School of Biomedical Sciences and made possible by a UWA Annual Alumni Grant in 2015. 

The program is targeted towards high school level students, demonstrating how pathology is used to treat patients presenting with various health conditions as a result of drug use, alcohol abuse, obesity and stress. Over the course of 2016 I was commissioned to create 60 illustrations to support the educational 'patient journeys'. The website can be viewed here: 


Below is a selection of some of the illustrations. 

Captain Perseverance: How I became a Superhero!

I had the pleasure of illustrating a children's book with award winning author Brod Bagert. The book was lots of fun to work on, Brod was very flexible and pretty much gave me free reign over the design and visual interpretation of his story. After some stylistic experimentation, we settled on an energetic comic book kind of style as it relates to the sort of old fashioned values the book promotes about grit and determination. 

It was Illustrated over about a 2 month period, in 2015, and I also completed all the print production layouts for Ingram Publishing in 2016. Here's a few pages and some of the concept development work created during the project. 

You can pick up a copy at these outlets: 
Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/1UW0Iev
Apple iBooks: https://goo.gl/YY7zWK
Kobo: https://goo.gl/DX72DO
mazon: http://amzn.to/1Uwgezl
Barnes & Noble: http://goo.gl/JWXETS







Sanbox Post Production Food images

The folks at Sandbox once again commissioned me to create a bunch of vector assets for an animation project, this time it was food! Some of the labeling may not make a heap of sense without seeing the animation, but hey it was fun!

My Mum Studies: Children's Book Illustration

I have been worked on a new kid's book which has just been printed and launches today! Its was a collaboration with psychologist Dr Bailey Bosch. The concept was created to help kid's understand what it means and how to cope when their Mum goes back to study...

Will be soon available from her website, but if you're a Mum who's gone back to studying, or work and the kids are freaking out, or just want a copy drop me a line in the contact section for $15 you too can be a proud owner....

Sandbox Post Production - character and asset design.

Sandbox Post Production commissioned me to create about 60 2D vector character assets for a motion graphics presentation  they are creating for the CSSU (Children Services Support Unit) in Western Australia. Once the animations are complete I will post a link to the final product. 

The characters are to be animated in After Effects, so my designs had to be created in Adobe Illustrator. Anyone who has done character animation in After Effects knows, it can be tricky, so the characters need to be simple and the files well organised to aid the animation process. I really enjoyed the challenge! 

Here's a few of the designs: 

Dynamo Character - WA State Housing

I was approached by the WA State Housing Commission to tender for an internal marketing project, this was the design and short animation I came up with. The brief for the design was based on the Briggs Meyers personality types, with Dynamo being the go-getter!


iWay to Hell

iWay to Hell was a humorous editorial feature which used the analogy of the seven deadly sins to muse on how modern technology in the form of Apps allows us to do 'bad' things. The creative brief called for a double page cover illustration as well as 7 spots each representing  the 'sins' as defined in the article.

Client: Scoop Magazine, Published 2014

Article can be found  here.

Pip and Smurky's Snotty Adventures

Pip and Smurky's Snotty Showdown was created as a part of a Perth Central and East Metro Local Medicare Immunisation campaign. The brief was to illustrate an educational children's story written by Dr Bailey Bosch about a little girl who needs to be brave to get her 'invisible blanket' which protects her from a nasty little gremlin called Smurky Mulurky. All character, environmental, and graphic layout was completed my me in roughly a one month period.

The book has gone to print and I am currently working on an animated ipad version.