Harvey Half Price Blinds - An evolution of a character

I recently worked with the wonderful team at Gatecrasher Advertising, https://www.gatecrasher.com.au/ on a campaign for half Price Blinds. The brief was to develop a brand character to be rolled out on all their web, social media and advertising presence. 

He started out as being a stylised 2d concept, but the brief then changed to take him into the 3d realm. Below shows the evolution of the design process from the initial sketches through to the final 3d renders. I was very happy when the client chose to maintain the mid century stylised approach I had been going with applied to a 3d character.

All work including the 3d modelling, texturing lighting and rendering were completed by myself. It was a great project to work on and stay tuned for some more 3d content for Gatecrasher coming soon.